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Download the NP Dodge mobile app and find searching for homes on-the-go easier than ever before. It is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad and the Google Play for Android devices. Download the app for free today!

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The app makes it easier to:

  • connect whenever you want to
  • see new properties first with 20 minute updates
  • create saved searches and set real time alerts
  • add favorites to your account-all at your convenience

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Easy To Use Home Search Options

Journey Search

This allows you to view properties within close proximity to your current location while on-the-go. You can watch as the properties continue to pop up as you travel down the road, or you can update manually when you arrive to your favorite area.

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Perimeter Search

This allows you to draw custom boundaries using your finger on the map view to filter available homes within a specific area. Narrowing down your search this way will help you find your home in exactly the location you dream of.

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Scope Search

Using Augmented Reality technology, Scope Search overlays property details through the customer's camera. Objects you look at will be overlaid on the camera's display offering additional interactive content and information.

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Visit this page on your iOS or Android device to download my apps!

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